KMMB has delivered a Klemm KR 806-4GM wagon to Tecimasa, the special foundation drilling company of the Viuda de Sainz Group. This is the first unit delivered in Europe of this model which was presented at Conexpo 2020.

The unit completes and improves Klemm’s best-selling series, the legendary KR 806 models, and was delivered by technicians from Klemm and KMMB at the Kosta Durango site that the Viuda de Sainz Group is developing in the Biscayan town.

Production range

The KR 806-4GM with 22 t operating weight is added to the Klemm range among the German brand’s largest production units, only surpassed by the KR 807-7G with 28 t operating weight.

Thanks to the new MAG 6.1 automatic pipe loader, the machine is able to drill anchors and micropiles without manual intervention by operators, thus reducing the risk of accidents and increasing production.

Thanks to an installed hydraulic capacity that exceeds 480 l./min. with Load Sensing management, the new equipment is capable of installing high capacity drilling systems, such as the KD2524 hammer chosen for the occasion.

This hammer, depending on the motor configuration chosen by the customer, can offer up to 24.4 kNm of maximum torque.

Improved kinematics.

The kinematics of the new KR 806-4GM allows this unit to drill in more positions than its predecessor and can drill without any risk or loss of stability.

As usual with Klemm, the unit does not require external stabilizer jacks, despite the additional weight of the loader, the installed pipe and the feed manipulator.

The load and force stability calculations involved in the drilling process have been studied to give the KR 806-4GM an extraordinary stability.

The chassis of the equipment is also hydraulically adjustable to compensate for unevenness in the terrain and to carry out loading and unloading operations in complete safety. The chains are also independent to ensure good adaptation to the conditions of the ground and rapid positioning on site.

The lower part of the engine and pump compartment is protected by a very thick plate that offers protection to the whole and stability to the machine.










Proven efficiency and respect for the environment

Klemm teams have been equipping variable flow pumps and the energy efficient Power Sharing system for many years. The introduction of these developments already led to a reduction in fuel consumption at the time.

Today, all the equipment in the range also features the new EEP system, patented by the Bauer Group. This system allows the hydraulic performance of the equipment to be further optimised by adapting it to the production requirements of the operator.

With the addition of the EEP, consumption is now well below the average for other equipment. Internal Bauer Group tests have shown reductions of approximately 30% compared to the same equipment without this system. This allows a reduction in production costs for owners of Klemm equipment.

The low noise level and lower energy consumption also make the KR 806-4GM a device with a lower environmental impact.

Other equipment.

The German manufacturer offers many possibilities to configure the equipment according to the customer’s needs. It is possible to equip the KR 806-4GM with single rotation heads, double rotation heads and head hammers, different types of jaws, etc.

The unit was acquired by Tecimasa in its “full equip” version, with the following equipment:

  • MAG 6.1 pipe and rod loader for 7 housings
  • Klemm rotary percussion hammer KD 2524
  • Sliding saddle
  • Winch
  • Double jaws with pipe loosener
  • Electric control arm
  • HBC radio control for all functions, complying with European standard EN 16228
  • Energy efficiency systems EEP and Power Sharing
  • Sweeping system with Gamma pump
  • Dynaset washing equipment controlled from the control.
  • Feed back pressure system to improve the work with the hammer on the bottom. (Patented)








KMMB’s sales department is at your disposal to advise you on the best options available.