KMMB delivers a Klemm HBR manipulator to Cifreat

The company from Montmeló has incorporated a Klemm HBR 122D2 H 600 manipulator to improve the safety of its operators in pipe loading operations. Cifreat has thus become the pioneer in Catalonia in incorporating the most productive and safest rod feed system in the drilling of micropiles and anchors. The [...]

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KMMB delivers a KLEMM KR 806-4 GM wagon to Tecimasa

KMMB has delivered a Klemm KR 806-4GM wagon to Tecimasa, the special foundation drilling company of the Viuda de Sainz Group. This is the first unit delivered in Europe of this model which was presented at Conexpo 2020. The unit completes and improves Klemm's best-selling series, the legendary KR 806 [...]

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