The company from Montmeló has incorporated a Klemm HBR 122D2 H 600 manipulator to improve the safety of its operators in pipe loading operations.

Cifreat has thus become the pioneer in Catalonia in incorporating the most productive and safest rod feed system in the drilling of micropiles and anchors.

The company’s administrator, Manuel Morenas, also wanted to be the first to test the HBR, feeding a Klemm KR 805-1 wagon from the company on the site they are currently working on in Mataró, drilling 203 mm micropiles.

The HBR D2H600 is capable of simultaneously handling double rods of 2,000 mm with 254 mm outside diameter.

The installation by KMMB’s SAT was carried out in record time, as it took only 15 hours of effective work to start up the HBR on the customer’s excavator, making the necessary modifications to its operation.










The Klemm HBR only needs a single-acting hydraulic line (hammer line) to feed all the services of jaws 1 and 2, 360º rotation and 40º angulation. A control unit redirects the oil to the chosen services.