Miramar Gunitados, through KMMB, has added a new KLEMM drilling rig to its machine park, for the production of micropiles and anchors.

The acquisition of the KR 801-3GS forms part of the fleet renewal process initiated by the Basque company in 2018 with the incorporation of the Klemm KR 805-3G.

All this coincides with the 55th anniversary of the foundation of Miramar Gunitados, S.A. and the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the KMMB Group.

After more than 25 years of commercial relationship and overcoming together such hard crises as the recent ones, both companies reinforce their mutual trust and close collaboration.

With the launch of this new equipment, Miramar Gunitados now has 7 Klemm wagons in its fleet, despite having replaced three old Klemm equipment in recent years.

Compact design.

With a new design and very small transport dimensions (6,680 mm long, 2,200 mm wide and 2,880 mm high), the KR 801-3GS is one of the most compact units on the market.

Versatility and stability.

The KR 801-3GS has a newly developed kinematics capable of working in very complicated positions.

This equipment is capable of drilling ahead of the travel chain without taking up more space than the transport width.

The equipment chassis is hydraulically swivelling. The chains are independent to ensure a good adaptation to the ground conditions.

As is usual with the brand, the stability calculations for the loads and forces involved in the drilling process have been designed to give the KR 801-3GS an extraordinary stability, even without the need for external stabilizer jacks.

The lower part of the engine and pump compartment is protected by a very thick plate that offers protection to the whole and stability to the machine.


The KR 801-3GS supplied to the Basque company is equipped with a newly developed KD 2117 head rotary percussion hammer offering up to 20.4 kNm of rotational torque and 750 Nm of impact energy.

This data is typical of much heavier equipment, but the KR 801-3GS can be equipped with this hammer thanks to the robust design of the mast and arm of the German manufacturer’s equipment.

Proven efficiency and respect for the environment

Klemm teams have been equipping variable flow pumps and the energy efficient Power Sharing system for many years.

Currently, all the equipment in the Klemm range is also equipped with the EEP system, with which consumption is being achieved far below the average of other brands.

This system allows the hydraulic performance of the equipment to be optimised, adapting it to the operator’s production requirements.

The EEP system is patented by the Bauer Group.

The low noise level and lower energy consumption make the KR 801-3GS a device with a lower environmental impact.

Other KR 801-3GS equipment

The German manufacturer offers many possibilities to configure the equipment according to the customer’s needs.

The KR 801-3GS can be equipped with single or double rotation heads, hammer and rotation head, various types of jaws, etc.

The unit delivered in Bilbao has the following equipment

  • Klemm rotary percussion hammer KD 2117
  • Modular mast for low gauge work with digital inclinometer accessible from the control.
  • Sliding saddle
  • Winch
  • Double jaws with pipe loosener for maximum diameter 356 mm.
  • HBC radio control for all functions, complying with European standard EN 16228.
  • Energy efficiency systems EEP and Power Sharing
  • Sweeping system with Gamma pump and Dynaset washing equipment controlled from the control.
  • Feed back pressure system to improve the work with hammer on the bottom. (Patented).

KMMB’s sales department is at your disposal to advise you on the best options available.